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Our philosophy

Empowering Future Leaders

Our philosophy is to be kind, fair, and respectful to all students. We believe that if you treat students with respect and fairness, they will reciprocate it. We hope to achieve the “optimal” classroom- a safe, respectful, and interactive learning atmosphere in which students can achieve their potential.

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Empowering Future Leaders

We offer ages 2 ½ –  5 year-old classrooms. In each class there is a wide variety of activities for children to participate in. They will learn many skills, meet new friends, and much more. Our programs strive to give each child wonderful experiences and a love for school! potential.

About Us

Destini Empowering Academy is a leader in the childcare profession, designing innovative and flexible opportunities that achieve superior outcomes for children and families. We are committed to creating a culture that continually improves services, sustains a team-oriented work environment and provides quality childcare. We believe that each child is an individual, with his or her own unique set of strengths, talents, and gifts. We believe that every child has a right to excellence in all aspects of early childhood education. We believe in the importance of teaching character values, and more important, in modeling their use in our interactions with children, their families, and one another. We believe in the use of positive discipline strategies that lead children to become self-disciplined. We believe that honest and frequent communication between the school and the home positively impacts children’s success. We believe in the importance of continuing professional development and personal growth through educational opportunities and supportive communities learning. We nurture the whole child in all areas of development: Social, Emotional, Physical, Language and Cognitive. We have research based, uniquely weaving 33 key skills into playful games and hands-on projects. With us your child can meet new friends and have tons of activities.

Our Academy Goals

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social Development

Critical Development

Our Core Values


The foundation of our business relies upon trust between parents, teachers, administration, and students. Trust is built upon honesty, integrity, transparency, confidentiality, and results.


Respect between parents, teachers, administration, and students promotes peace, kindness, self-awareness, and productive communication


Laughter and playful situations incorporated into the day fosters community, connection, happiness, optimizes learning, and creates lasting memories.


Education received by an adult, and provided to a child, sets the foundation of life-long learning. Keeping abreast of the latest research in Early Childhood Education and positive parenting is key to the future success of our children.


Each of us need to feel safe, loved, and valued to function optimally in our environment.

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